Travel CRM


Our Travel CRM is a real time data gathering and business intelligence system that ties disparate information into a single, cohesive view. While designed specifically for travel, our CRM provides the features and capabilities of the most advanced CRM technologies on the market.

Seamless Real Time Integration with Your Business Support Systems:

The CRM is designed to be integrated with your system’s booking and reservation system, accounting and back office, reporting, and marketing and campaign management functions.

Designed for the Distinct Requirements of Travel Relationships:

Our CRM handles both customers and customer prospects, groups, sales channels (e.g., travel agencies and their employees), and organizations, and tracks passenger relationships (households, and family relationships), preferences, payment information, special needs and booking history. This information is used to assist booking automation to reduce data re-entry time and costs.

Already Invested in a CRM? That’s O.K.

It does not make sense to put a square peg through a round whole. Our CRM can compliment and integrate with your existing generic CRM environment. For example, we have succesfully integrated with Seibel to save our client’s time and money.

Flexible, Scalable and Managable Database:

Our CRM utilizes an SQL relational database environment. This environment gives you flexibility, scalability and visibility into your information environment.

It Powers Business Autmation/Builds Customer Loyalty:

A properly designed CRM will power your business process automation and reduce your operational costs. Being able to see and manage a complete view of your customers and business partners needs enables you to proactively manage your relationships by target marketing the right products, anticpating needs, and ensuring delivery of personalized service. Unless your CRM is designed for the nuances of your business, you will not realize the great beneifts that a business vertical specific CRM can deliver.

Powerful Features of the CRM include:

  • Advanced Customer Information Profiles:
    • Unlimited Demographic Data – Household Income, Age And Birthdays, Marital
    • Status and Anniversary, Gender, Ancestry, among others
    • Past Traveling Companion List
    • Stores and Tracks – Frequent Traveler and Program Memberships
    • Searchable Pending and Past Trip Itinerary History
    • Stores and Recalls Marketing Offers
    • Unlimited Contact Numbers
    • Searchable Universal Communications and Transaction History Customer Log
    • Maintains Gift Certificates, Vouchers, Coupons and Other Credits
    • Proprietary Real Time Customer Profile Snapshot – Present relevant information to the agent to assess “who the customer is”
  • Integrated Queue Management customized to the User – Brochure Fulfillment,
  • Passenger Information Forms,Ticketing, Vouchers, Deposit and Payment Notices, and Vendor Manifests
  • Fully Integrated E-Mail System, and Integrated Fax Server and Auto-dialing Capabilities
  • Fully Integrated Electronic Notes System
  • Advanced Contact Look-up and Identification Utilities
  • Data Integrity System – prevents duplicates and corrupt database entry
  • Auto-log – Tracks changes to Customer Profile information and who made them and when they were made
  • Third Party Data Integration Capabilities