Dynamic & Vacation Packaging

In dynamic packaging the beauty is beneath the hood.

Our packaging technology, Travel Office VP, is an extended version of our full featured retail and electronic travel distribution platform. Packaging means many different things to many different people, but with a properly architected engine it is capable of performing in the delivery model you want.

Why Invest in Packaging?

In an increasingly competitive travel environment, offering packaged products is a key success strategy. It offers:

  • Personalization and Customization – which attracts increasingly discerning consumers
  • Opaque Pricing – which protects you from commodity oriented competitors
  • Higher Margins – because you can increase your sales by bundling and insert higher margin products into the mix.

Flexible Packaging Delivery Models – Our technology solutions can be configured from traditional packaging delivery models to complex, artificial intelligence based delivery models:

  • Classic Ala Carte Menu – with line item or package only pricing, and pre-determined or dynamically calculated pricing based on mark up or margin rules.
  • Modified Variable Day – predefined eligible inventory mixes with day and compatibility restrictions.
  • Combinational Open Inventory – class and supplier level defined inventory eligibility with logical inventory compatibility, business, and pricing rules.
  • Flexible Content Management and Availability Sourcing– Our solutions are designed to work with both internal and external inventory. Our solution is supported by robust internal contract and inventory management engines and robust external transaction processing capabilities.

Expanded Product Management Capabilities – Our solutions are designed to extend well beyond the traditional staples of travel: air, car and hotel. Our solutions allow you to expand your offerings to include important destination experience related products and services such as Dining, Local Tours, Shows and Events, and Activities.

Bring Personalization to the Web – Our packaging solution can be combined with our Online Commerce capabilities to create powerful personalized travel booking capabilities for your customers.



    Put a Bow on It

    A client came to us and asked whether we could provide him with a solution that “no one really has.” We were intrigued. “What was it, ” we asked. The client, a long time conventional operator, said “our business is moving heavily to non-fixed departure travel offerings. It seems like more and more customers want their own thing, but the reality is they all want almost the same thing they just don’t like being fit into a box.”

    The problem of personalization was that their systems couldn’t handle ad hoc changes so they had to create untold numbers of line item variations to cover every foreseeable scenario, and then manually patch together an itinerary through the product group and then send out a proposal to the customer with fingers crossed that it would not have to be reconfigured at more time and expense.

    After learning more, we suggested that personalization is not their “problem”. Their systems and processes were creating “problems” in their being able to adapt to business opportunities that were presenting themselves.

    With our solution, we were able to suggestion a design that enabled the operator to maintain its legacy fixed package model and expand into flexible automated packaging by adding options, upgrades, and add-ons to non-fixed duration packages that used the same inventory and product management environment.

    Result: We turned a perceived problem into an opportunity. Our client will have a cohesive, intelligent packaging environment that allows it to grow its business opportunities.