Retail & Agency Solutions

Do your customers have more travel technology than you do?

A Modern Web-based Reservation, CRM and Backoffice solution that will put you back in the role of trusted professional.

Build Customer Relationships:

Use the most advanced Travel CRM on the market to build lasting customer relationships, streamline processing and improve your marketing intelligence.

Build Custom Itineraries that Distinguish Your Business:

Bring value to your clients by easily building multi-product, integrated itineraries using the suppliers of your choice. Produce your own branded, high quality itinerary and invoice.

Manage your Suppliers and Product Offerings to Greater Profitability:

Enjoy the ability to be electronically connected to multiple suppliers, and conduct simultaneous searching through a unified search screen. Use a universal booking interface to consistently and efficiently book inventory.

Take Control of your Business” Most Valuable Asset…Customer Data:

Through our Super-PNR structure, your booking data is instantly saved and stored in your system at the time of booking with a supplier (including GDS) to allow for easy financial processing and reporting.

Maximize Your Revenue from the Growing and Profitable Cruise Sector:

Travel Office offers real time cruise availability and pricing requests with global search results. Book multiple parties at the same time. Utilize a rich information content database that supports ship, deck and cabin views.

Put More on the Store Shelves:

Our solution provides you with ability to sell more services to more people. Air, car and hotel is just the beginning. Travel Office enables you to sell additional products and services including dining, golf, local tours and events.

Add Vacation Packaging to further Extend Your Market Reach:

Our platform easily extends into dynamic and vacation packaging capabilities to give your business even greater growth potential. See Packaging