Consumer Web & Online Commerce

Our solutions provide you with the ability to bring together great form and great e-commerce and content functions.

Its about form and function

Our solutions provide you with the ability to bring together great design and powerful e-commerce and content functions. To create a competitive web channel, it requires great design, and a whole lot more:

  • Usability and Navigation
  • Friendly & Efficient Shopping and Buying Experience
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Personalization and Socialization
  • Integrated, real time reservation processing and CRM Connectivity
  • Scalability


Your Site is Likely to be Your Customer’s First Encounter with Your Company: As part of our overall capability, Travel Sciences has developed a Professional Interactive Multi-media Media Group consisting of some of the industry’s top design and usability professionals. Our design philosophy is aimed at creating clean, visually pleasing commerce sites that will project an image of credibility and expertise.

Web Services Layer: For those enterprises that choose to pursue their own web development, Travel Sciences can offer a variety of methods to integrate your web site with the booking and reservation engine, including using web services.

Content Management: As part of our technology offering, Travel Sciences can provide you with a content management system solution (CMS) to enable your site to be dynamically updated with fresh content.

Tempting Templates

Don’t be fooled by ready to deploy web template solutions for one of the most visible assets your company has to offer. While they look appealing on the surface, they may undermine your business:

  • They are not optimized for Search Engines and Your Rankings will Suffer
  • They limit your ability to provide unique branding and feel
  • They are not optimized to increase sales closure rate of your product
  • They are not usability tested
  • They are difficult to modify and supplement in a cohesive way
  • The CMS solutions are rigid and not designed to maximize the user experience


    Does this story sound familiar?

    The Great Web Promo

    Day 1: 5:59 PM. – John, the marketing director, approaches the company’s web administrator and says “I have a great new promotion”, put it up on the web.” Sally, the Web Administrator, says “are you sure. Did you check with yield and product management? “Yes, I just got out of a meeting. It’s a go.” Sally says “OK” and up the offer goes.

    Next Day: 11:00 A.M. The promotion is a huge success. The phones are ringing and inquiries are pouring in, but, strangely, people are complaining. Customers are complaining. Reservation Agents are frustrated. Managers are scurrying to fix the problem. What is it? There is no way to book the promotional offering. The website does not support it, and the Reservation Center can’t book it either because the rate does not exist in the reservation system.

    Why did this happen? The CMS system is not integrated with the reservation and booking system and rates are offered through the web that do not exist. The systems are silo-ed in one of the most important emerging sales channels that you have.

    Moral: Go with a technology provider that knows the intricacies of your business and can handle your web commerce channel from both a design perspective and a business process perspective.


    Want to verify?

    Contact Jason Cobb, Systems and Operations Manager, BVI Tourism Bureau.